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Transnational Gangs And The United States - 1820 Words

Transnational Gangs and Immigration August 2015, 907 murders, and average of 25 murders per day committed by 13-15 year old gang members. (Transnational Gangs Part 1;Understanding the Threat, 2016) El Salvador is the epicenter of gang activity in Central America and the largest influence on gang activity in the US. Showing no respect for law enforcement, borders, and little for human life gang violence is a requirement for young teens to become members of the La Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, and the 18th Street gangs. Two years of initiation culminating in at least one murder are required to obtain membership in these gangs. Many of the leaders of the different factions of these gangs order members to commit crimes in the US. Both MS-13 and 18th Street gangs have positioned themselves in many places within US borders. The FBI reports as many as 42 states including the District of Columbia have operating cliques of MS-13. (The MS-13 Threat, 2008). MS-13 is involved in a large amount of criminal activities, ranging from car theft to murder. The gang is extremely violent, but mostly toward rival gangs which unfortunately involve innocent citizens caught in the violent crossfire. (The MS-13 Threat, 2008) The threat level is medium in the majority of the US bit is considered high in the western states, northeast, and any place where the Salvadoran immigrant population is larger. (The MS-13 Threat, 2008) The 18th Street gang also known as Barrio 18 has become one of the largestShow MoreRelatedTaking a Look at Gang Violence1075 Words   |  4 Pagesloved ones being murdered by violent street gang members. These victims often had nothing to do with the gangs or gang members that killed them. A street gang is a group of people who commonly involve themselves in heinous crimes such as murder, assault, drug dealing, robbery, and car theft. These gangs are present all over the nation and are starting to spread to other countries. It is imperative for the United States government to put a stop to gangs and gang violence. Ed Gottesman and Richard BrownRead MorePersonal Perception of Organized Crime787 Words   |  4 PagesPersonal Perception of Organized Crime In answering this question of what Angie’s personal perception of organized crime, it takes me back to the days of organized groups that united for financial gain, control over business, law enforcement, the public and anyone or anything that they could rule. Organized crime brings about change in a community, hurt, danger, and sometimes death. When thinking of organized crime it takes us back to the days of the Mafia. The days of Al Capone comes to mind moreRead MoreThe scene of organized crime has long since changed after the reign of Italian and Sicilian mafia,1600 Words   |  7 Pagesout extortion of money from a rich man in the United Kingdom, the support group would take over the plan and organization of the crime from there. The Security Group is responsible for the physical security of the crime groups members, along with operational security. These two groups both report to the Elite Group. The lowest tier on the list is the Working Unit, which are described as bur glars, thieves, prostitutes, extortionists, and street gangs among many other kinds of criminals in the organizedRead MoreA Summary On The Gang1100 Words   |  5 Pages2015 MS-13 Gang To be considered violent, you must know what violence is. Violence is the behavior with the intention of physically causing damage, pain, or some sort of physical action that would cause harm to someone else. When people are violent, they can form groups. These groups are usually gangs. Some of the most deadly and violent gangs are Los Zetas, Aryan Brotherhood, Latin Kings, and the most violent Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13 (Erkan). Mara Salvatrucha is a transnational gang that has beenRead MoreUnited States Southern Command ( Southcom ) Essay930 Words   |  4 PagesUnited States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) has been working to build regional and interagency partnerships to ensure the continued stability of the Western Hemisphere and the forward defense of the U.S. homeland for more than fifty years. U.S. Southern Command is responsible to the Secretary of Defense and the President of the United States for national security interests through roughly one half of this hemisphere â€⠀œ 31 countries, 16 dependencies and areas of special sovereignty, and approximatelyRead MoreTexas State House Bill 111979 Words   |  8 PagesExecutive Summary Texas State House Bill 11, effective on September 1, 2015, requires the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office and the McAllen Police Department to jointly establish and operate the Texas Transnational Intelligence Center (TTIC). The TTIC will serve as a central repository of real-time information about criminal activity in counties along the Texas border with Mexico, and counties in which a federal checkpoint is located. The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is required to assistRead MoreConflict Analysis : Mexico And Central America1687 Words   |  7 Pagesconflict analysis. Merida Initiative: Mexico and Central America The article â€Å"Changing Lenses: Conflict Analysis and Mexico’s ‘Drug War’† states the different approaches of the Merida Initiative in Mexico and in Central America (Carpenter, 2013). Arteaga writes, â€Å"Merida Initiative, whose objective is to establish a mechanism of cooperation between the United States, Mexico and Central America, with the goal of reducing drug trafficking, stopping trans-national crime organizations† (Arteaga B, 2009)Read MoreThe Transnational Security Threats from Failed States1308 Words   |  6 PagesFailed and weak states are posing greater security threats to the world than it were ever imagined. The collapse of autonomy and sovereignty among states is therefore a susceptible situation in the modern world. Developed states like the United States and other notable security sensitive nations are focusing their security efforts towards the failed states. This is mainly because these weak states have become breeding sit es for criminal activities, and terrorist groups have established strong basesRead MoreThe Theory of Social Disorganization701 Words   |  3 Pagesexert control, which is among the ways of defining social disorganization, is to regard them as unable to maintain public order. The theory of cultural transmission has been a dominant criminological theory in the twentieth century. This theory states that traditions of misconduct are transmitted via successive generations of the same region just as roles, language and attitudes are transmitted. Social disorganization is the inability of a group or society to acknowledge the normal qualities ofRead MoreOrganized Crime and Youth Gangs824 Words   |  3 PagesOrganized Crime and Youth Gangs The FBI defines organized crime as any group of individuals jointly and systematically engaged in criminal activity for the purpose of making money (FBI, n.d.a). The FBI also provides links to various organized criminal groups on their website, with most being defined by race or ethnicity. The most famous of these groups in the United States is the Italian Mafia or La Cosa Nostra, which is translated as this thing of ours (FBI, n.d.b). The FBI identifies four distinct

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Exploring Issues of Conflict Resolution Essay examples

TITLE The purpose of this paper is to explore issues of conflict resolution [using mediation as a conflict resoltion against police culture. related to culture and power imbalance with minority population and the police culture. LeBaron (1997) argues that people who are privileged or members of one or more dominant groups encounter less problems and lower-intensity conflicts compared to the disadvantaged society see conditions as incendiary. This paper argues that ethnocultural minority groups populations are at a disadvantage with society compared to white culture and policing. The following sub-issues are ...______________ James (1998) states that police culture is the culture of the police force that reinforce the discourse â€Å"we†¦show more content†¦LeBaron (1997) states that mediation is a process by which a neutral third party, in this case the judge, intervenes in decision making of the issue. In this case, before the judge made a decision between of inmate, the judge would have to consider the status and power variables which is assoicated with multiculture (LeBaron, 1997). LeBaron (1997) argues that multicultural is a label that describes the ethnoracial populations who are considered different. This creates a cultural barrier between the dominant culture and the subordinate population which reinforces an imbalance of power relations in society because visible minorities are generalized into one group as the other compared to the privileged population (LeBaron, 1997). In various government and social institutions the ethnocultural popul ation are at a disadavantage and do face cultural barriers. Many enthnocultural groups like Blacks, Aboriginals, and Hispanics are stigmatized for deliquency behaviours and criminial acts which is why police harras them a lot. For instance, related to the news report Curtis Young was a young Black male who was assaulted, harrassed, and detained by the cops for nothing. The judge acknowledged that his report was falsified and evaluated the evidence from the video of the scene that the cops were taking anShow MoreRelatedEssay on Introduction to Negotiation794 Words   |  4 Pagesmethod of choice for all conflict resolutions. Unilateral, bilateral, third-party and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) are all approaches and methods that deals with conflict. Unilateral methods never yield win/win results because the approaches used are avoidance (lose/lose), accommodate (lose/win), and competitive (win/lose). Avoidance is what a person avoids the issue and walk away. It does not matter why this approach is used. The main point of this is that the conflict always remains unattendedRead MoreInternational Law Aids Conflict Resolution Essay1270 Words   |  6 Pagestensions in the East and South China Seas has directed attention to the likelihood of an armed conflict in the region. The purpose of this essay is to identify how international law aids conflict resolution in respect to the disputed territory in South and East Asia Seas. Focussing mainly on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (LOS Convention) , the essay will then examine the key dispute resolution mechanisms provided in the Conven tion and highlight its effect to resolving the disputesRead MoreI Am Grateful For Having Been Exposed By Dr. Muvingi1518 Words   |  7 Pagesthis book by Dr. Muvingi in my Mediation class. I like Kenneth Cloke, who is the Director of the Centre for Dispute Resolution in Santa Monica, California and is an experienced author and writer. I consider Mediating Dangerously is a call for action for mediators, this book offers a fresh vision to new and experienced mediators within the field of conflict analysis and resolution. Cloke explores the deeper foundations of the transformational process of mediation in order to discover what exactlyRead MoreThe Effects Of Having A Narcissistic Personality1195 Words   |  5 Pageseffects of having a narcissistic personality along with having an inflated sense of entitlement were investigated to determine if these traits will lead an individual to pursue self-interest goals and if these factors will cause greater interpersonal conflict. The r esearch was divided into two studies involving participants comprised of undergraduate college students from diverse ethnic backgrounds. The first study consisted of questionnaires assessing self-image goals versus compassionate goals inRead MoreFactors Affecting Students in Terms of Comprehension and Literature1495 Words   |  6 Pagesdimensions: physical, social, psychological and spiritual. It shows each of these dimensions to be constituted like a force field, within which predictable paradoxes, tensions and dilemmas play out. Human beings can learn to deal with these tensions and conflicts more effectively by facing up to the negatives as well as the positives of their lives, including the tensions of life and death, love and hate, strength and weakness and meaning and absurdity. Best known authors on existential counselling are  IrvinRead MoreWhat Situations Do You Believe Intervention Should Be Mandated? Voluntary?1742 Words   |  7 Pagesshould be mandated? Voluntary? This student believes that intervention should be mandated if the conflict or situation at hand rises to a level which could lead to physical and sometimes irreparable harm of one of the involved parties. A mandated intervention in this situation can be used to redirect negative communication and negative goals in an effort to restore a level of positive conflict resolution. In this student’s opinion an Organizational Intervention should be mandatory if company is boughtRead More Water In the Middle East: Prospects for Conflict and Cooperation 1028 Words   |  5 PagesReasons and origins of the conflict for water are dating back in the late 40s and the Arab-Israeli conflict. More precisely, the countries involved that represent potential conflict are Israel and Syria, as well as Israel and Palestine. For example, what can be mentioned here are Israeli aspirations to keep tight control over the economically important areas. This is directly linked to the water issues and div erting the water from one to another region. Other Arab countries are strongly opposingRead MoreInterview of a Social Service Agency1353 Words   |  6 Pageshowever, the duty both professional have in common is to progress the wellbeing of his or her client. Mediators are a neutral third party and assist disputing parties to negotiate a solution to their conflict. The responsibility of a mediator is to guide the arguing parties to cope with the conflict constructively. The decision-making authority stays among the disagreeing parties. Advocates, on the other hand, can be biased to one party or group. Advocates become the voice for the oppressed populationRead MoreEthics, Conflict Management, And Organizational Commitment1664 Words   |  7 Pagesfollowing three topics of ethics, conflict management, and organizational commitment. By exploring these different areas in a business context, we can overall have a better understanding of why individuals choose to behave a certain way when on the job. For ethical decision-making, I will explore the steps involved in the decision-making process and what internal factors of an individual cause he or she to make an ethical or unethical choice. In terms of conflict management, I will discuss previousRead MoreIntercultural Conflict Management Style ( Chen And Starosta, 1997-8 )1401 Words   |  6 Pagesthree aspects of culture, including cultural context, language differences, and thought patterns, that influence conflict management style (Chen and Starosta, 1997-8). It is important to understand which cultural aspects of communication pattern may be at play when having conflict. One of the key factors that I have found for exploring the communication issues present in intercultural conflicts is the concept of high and low context communication. The idea of high and low context communication was first

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Pervapertion Overview Free Essays

Membrane selectivity : what goes through and what gets rejected 2. Flux: Denote the amount of output (measured in relation to membrane area , thickness and time). What will influence the performance? Feed temperature: Refers to temperature of the feed stock or any other representative between feed and retentate streams. We will write a custom essay sample on Pervapertion Overview or any similar topic only for you Order Now Membrane thickness: Refers to dry thickness. 3. Kinetic diameter: diameter of pore needed to let a specific molecule pass Performance Parameters – Selectivity 0 Membrane selectivity allows us to choose certain molecules to pass through the membrane 0 Improved membrane selectivity will increase absorption rates 0 more efficient and possible cost reduction 0 This can be achieved by better understanding of the material selected for the membrane Impact of Feed Temperature on Flux 0 Feed Temperature 0 Molecules movement increases exponentially with temperature 0 improve flux rate Impact of Membrane Thickness on Flux The thinner the membrane, the faster Influencing Parameters – Kinetic Diameter (1) Kinetic diameter can be understood as the diameter of a pore needed to let that specific molecule pass Source: Fundamentals and applications of pervaporation through Zeolite membranes, 2004 Influencing Parameters – Kinetic Diameter (2) Key Cost Components For Pervaporation The operating cost of pervaporation is heavily reliant on the cost of generating heat and the cost of the membrane used Current trend: decreasing heating cost and decreasing membrane cost Source: http://www. scielo. org. ar/scielo. php? Decreasing Trend in Membrane Cost from 1989 to 2000 Reasons of decreasing membrane cost: . Membrane surface area per module increase 0 lesser membrane modules to produce the same amount of output 2. Membrane mass production 0 production cost decrease 3. More compact module 0 cost savings in civil works overview of UF technology today, Desalination 131 (2000) 17-25 Similar Decreasing Trend in Membrane Cost from 1970 to 2010 Source: American Membrane Technology Association (AMTA), wrww. amtaorg. com Improvement in cost of heat generation -Cost of Conserved Energy (CCE) summarizes annual costs associated with saving a GJ (approximately 0. 95 MBtu) of energy with a particular measure. Table shows that energy efficient measures lead to energy savings that have short payback periods from immediate to 2. 7 years. -Industry is looking towards reducing cost of heat generation Improvements in membrane 1) Membrane preparation methods 0 more methods are developed to prepare membranes with different structures for different application 0 Phase separation method developed in 1960 0 Scanning Electron Microscope became available in 1960 0 helped in the detailed study of the membrane structure 2) Membrane selective layer is getting thinner over 30 years 0. 2 – 0. 4 pm How to cite Pervapertion Overview, Papers

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Things You Will Improve Through Personal Statement Editing

Personal statement editing can make a difference in the success of your application. Even if your application looks great, with outstanding test scores, remarkable transcripts, glowing letters of recommendation, and multiple research publications, the personal statement essay could make the difference between acceptance and rejection. Having a professional editor review your personal statement essay could improve your chances of success.There are a number of things you will improve through personal statement editing. First, the editor provides a specialist’s approach to personal statement essays. The editor has experience with essay writing, which you may not have practiced in a while. The editor’s proficiency enables a skilled review and creates suggestions for ways to improve the essay. Often, the editor can suggest ways for you to develop themes or important points in the personal statement essay, resulting in improved clarity.Second, the editor is familiar with the standard prompts and requirements of the admissions committees, learned through years of personal statement editing. The editor should be able to explain what the committee is looking for in a personal statement essay, based on the editor’s experience and understanding of the details for the personal statement essays. Personal statement editing can become a practiced art, which should result in a personal statement whose ideas flow clearly throughout the essay.Improve Your Personal Statement Essay Today!Third, the organization of the personal statement essay should improve through personal statement editing. Personal statement essays often benefit from restructuring of paragraphs or sentences which place ideas in a logical order, making it easier to follow the applicant’s meaning.Fourth, editors skilled in proofreading will review your personal statement essays for mistakes in grammar, syntax, and punctuation, which, when corrected, will immediately enhance the stateme nt’s readability and impact.Fifth, personal statement editing removes writing errors which could be a distraction to the reader, such as repetition of the same words or phrases. Personal statement editing also helps to eliminate ideas which may not contribute to the overall meaning of the personal statement essay.Things you will improve through personal statement editing include: greater clarity from development of themes in response to the essay question or prompt; strong flow of ideas based on editor’s familiarity with the process; logical organization of the personal statement; excellent proofreading for mistake-proof statements; and elimination of general writing errors which could be a distraction for the reader.

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Reflects on the Society in Gullivers Travels Essays

Reflects on the Society in Gullivers Travels Essays Reflects on the Society in Gullivers Travels Paper Reflects on the Society in Gullivers Travels Paper Reflects on the Society in Gullivers Travels Jonathan Swift wrote Gullivers Travels in 1762 with the intent of providing entertainment for people. Entertainment through satire was what Swift had in mind. In Gullivers Travels, Jonathan Swift traveled to four different foreign countries, each representing a corrupt part of England. Swift criticized the corruption of such parts and focused on the government, society, science, religion and man. Not only did Swift criticize the customs of each country, he mocked the naive man who was unable to figure out the double meaning of things. When reading Gullivers Travels, reflects upon plot, characters, settings, theme, point of view, conflicts, climax, resolution, symbolism and figurative language will be of great help to comprehend the ideas portrayed throughout the novel as well as how Swift developed the story. I. Settings of Gullivers Travels The setting plays an important role in all novels, but in Gulliver’s Travels, one must take into consideration that the four different parts of the book have separate settings. The first setting was more or less on an island called Lilliput where Gulliver cast ashore due to a ship wrecks on November 5, 1699. The setting of the second part in the novel happened to be upon his arrival at another island which Gulliver had wished to inspect for water. The third part of the book consisted of many different little scenes where Gulliver’s experience on an island called Laputa was pictured first. The fourth and also the last part of the book took place in the country of Houyhnhnms 1711. II. Discussion of Characters a) The Main Character Gulliver, main character in the novel, used to be a well educated sailor who was recommended to be a surgeon later. Traveling around the world and exploring new places, Gulliver had met many new cultures and civilizations. He wore clothes uncommon in 1700s and had long hair which sometimes restricted him from turning his head. Gulliver was a sophisticated character and this could be seen when he referred to past experiences during an adventure. However, by the end of Book II in Gullivers Travels, it was very clear that the character of Gulliver was not the same man who wrote the letter in the beginning of the story. In fact, he was not the same man he was in Book I. From the onset of Gullivers Travels, Swift created for us a seemingly competent character and narrator in Gulliver from whom we could learn how adventures have changed him and his perception of people. Gulliver is an entirely credible and probable person as well as the one being the instrument for Swifts satire. In his incredible circumstances, Gulliver proved himself resourceful and observant of his surroundings, thus he could change in accordance with the places he visited and the events he witnessed. As a traveler in Lilliput, he was careful in observations and complete in descriptions. Occupied as he was with the surface of things, we see Gullivers problem of not seeing with eyes wide open wane his judgment of character, making him become more and more narrow-minded as the story proceeded. On the whole, Gulliver is a very frustrating character to deal with for a number of reasons. For example, he is not steady. This unsteadiness as a narrator leads us to question the validity of what Gulliver told us, which means that we have to be on our guard against what he said. This Gulliver is not, by any means, a wholly allegorical character but as much an individual as the next person. In certain ways, Gulliver proved to be more resilient than the ordinary man was by managing to survive the disastrous shipwrecks and people so foreign they might as well be aliens. Still in other ways Gulliver is a naive person, bereft of decency and consideration. b) Other Minor Characters In Gullivers Travels, there were many minor characters more easily referred to in the names of their peoples. They were: the small Lilliputians, the giant Brobdingnags, the creatures at Lugnagg and Balnibarbi islands of Laputa and Blubdrubdrib, and finally the Yahoos and Houyhnhnms. III. Study of the Context ) Satires of English Politics In Gullivers first travel where he visited Lilliput, Gulliver was faced with the minute people called Lilliputians. Now while this was the premise for a fantasy story, Swift used the events within to make severe criticisms of England between reigns of Queen Anne and George ?. The people of Lilliput were about six inches tall and their size signified that their mot ives, acts, and humanity were the same dwarfish. The political parties of the British government were represented by the conservative High Heels who depicted the Tories and the progressive Low Heels, or Whigs. As their names, the distinguishing mark of the parties was the height of their heels. Within these two parties, Swift criticized the English political parties, and the Prince of Wales. Swift also mocked the religion war that was going on in England through the use of war between Lilliput and its nearest neighbor, Blefuscu. Swift also used terms High Heels and Low Heels to compare the meaningless battles of the Whigs and Tories, such as the height of heels. b) Filthy Characteristics of Man With Gullivers next travel, we find him in Brobdingnag. His voyage showed us the filthily mental and physical characteristics of man. Here, Gulliver was confronted with an adult nurse who repulsively revealed her breasts to Gulliver. This reminded him of how the Lilliputians found his skin full of craterlike pores and stumps of hair growing from them. The odor of the immense creatures was offending and it caused Gulliver to recall the fact that the Lilliputians were also offended of his body odor. In Laputa, Gulliver was confronted with the old age Struldbuggs which looked utterly hideous due to an old age and the deterioration of their bodies. The Yahoos from the land of Houyhnhnms were filthy, uncivilized creatures who used their own dung as a weapon. In these descriptions, Swift criticized both the moral and physical corruption of man. c) Society’s Unrealistic Ideas Gullivers third voyage to the floating island of Laputa was one of the most satirical of the whole book. In this voyage Swift criticized the Royal Society of England, saying it was composed of useless philosophers, inventors and scientists. The floating island signified that the inhabitants were composed of the same airy constitution as the environment. Projects done by such people were summed up by the Universal Artist who directed his followers to turn useful things into the exact opposite, resulting in useless achievements. Some of the experiments held were to create tangible air, wool-less sheep and horses with stone hooves. The flying island itself expressed not only the desertion on the common earth of reality but their conversion of the universe to a mechanism and of living to a mechanical process. IV. Analysis of Specific Scenes a) On the Lilliput Island On Lilliput Island, Gulliver seemed to be eminently fair-minded compared to the cunning, vindictive, petty Lilliputians. Literally a giant in their land, Gulliver never took unfair advantage of his size in his dealing with them. Though they were violent with him, he never retaliated. He was frequently injured, as the kings dwarf took out his frustrations on Gulliver. But the latter was an improvement from his job as a freak at village fairs. In this section, the royal palace was accidentally set on fire, containing the empress inside. Instead of making his way across town, to the ocean, and squashed the people of Lilliput as he went, Gulliver made use of his urine to save the palace. While this vulgar episode was a display of bravery, it infuriated the emperor, causing revenge to be vowed on Gulliver. Rather than be happy for that both the emperor and the palace were not in ruin, the littleness of the government and the people in general was displayed in this act. Another display of this was the fact that Gulliver had been used as the Emperors absolute weapon, but the emperor only used him to conquer his world of two islands, which had made the emperors ambition seemed extremely low. b) On the Land of Houyhnhnms In the fourth part of the novel, Gulliver traveled to the land of the Houyhnhnms and came across a pack of Yahoos and was instantly appalled by them. There he quoted, Upon the whole, I never beheld in all my travels so disagreeable and animal, or one against which I naturally conceived so strong an antipathy. † This statement was of best ironic, for Gulliver never saw the resemblances between the Yahoos and himself. Afterwards, he encountered the rational Houyhnhnms and he immediately realized the common characteristics he had in common with the Yahoos. The Yahoos were portrayed as savage animals with human characteristics, which was the biggest mockery of mankind in the whole book. The Yahoos were so greedy that they would fight over enough food to feed an entire army of fifty soldiers just to keep it to themselves. They would poison their own bodies by sucking a root, similar to alcohol, to reach a high. The female population of the Yahoos was also given characteristics of ladies of the royal stature. Their gestures of hiding behind bushes and trees as well as looking at the passing-by males gave the impression of a woman hiding her face behind a fan while looking flirtatiously over her shoulder. The smell associated with the female Yahoos was similar to the perfume ladies wear to attract men. By the time Gulliver returned to England, he became completely antisocial, disgusted by the sight of his own wife and children. Gullivers desire to become a Houyhnhnm gave the reader an impression that he was a pathetic man who strived to become someone he could never be. ) Interpretation of the Theme Many critics who criticized Gullivers Travels had used the word â€Å"extraneous† more than once. Swift was viewed as an insane person who was a failure in life. But this was far from the truth, for the theme of this story is how human nature and reason reflect society. Written from real experience, Gullivers Travels is assigned to students for years. It’s Swifts experience of the Tories and their conflicts with the Whigs caused him to write such work to mock religious beliefs, government or people with views differed from his own. Broadly, the book has three themes: satirical views of the state of European government, and of petty differences between religions; an inquiry into whether men are inherently corrupt or whether they become corrupted; a restatement of the ancients versus moderns controversy. Bibliography and Website * * Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels Penguin Books Ltd (UK), 2007 * Ronald Knowles, Gulliver’s Travels: the Politics of Satires Twayne Publishers, 1996 * Wikipedia-http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/main_page

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Important Analytical Essay Factors

Important Analytical Essay Factors Important Analytical Essay Factors An analytical essay is one of the four main essays used in academic writing. This type of essay provides a thorough examination of a piece of media and later adds a personal interpretation. Analytical essays are mainly used for pieces that are open for discussion like an opinion, quotation, poem, story, lyric, and other similar types of written literature. When creating this type of essay, the writer must aim to make their it comprehensive and engaging. This prevents the reader from becoming overwhelmed and potentially losing interest. In order to write a captivating analytical essay, here are some factors to consider: Scope and limitation. After introducing the topic of discussion, set boundaries for your areas of focus. This helps you establish the tone of your essay without having later difficulty. Cite sources. After introducing the topic, cite sources that support your argument as you expand upon or analyze each point. Sources may include author’s quotes from an interview or additional information found in reliable publications. Use sources to support your interpretation. While this part of the essay is subjective, citing sources that support your theory can help compel and convince the reader. Finish with a relative conclusion. Whether your essay supports or dismisses a particular interpretation, finish the essay by restating the author’s intention and your analysis in the conclusion. Analytical essays require time and extensive research. They benefit from a distinctive writing style with a balance of fact and opinion while keeping the reader engaged. understands that writing analytical essays require time and effort. When you need essay help, we use the most current sources and provide quality and original work. Our writing services help you lighten your academic load by providing prompt and engaging essays and other academic papers.

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ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS - Assignment Example The major advantage of using these energy sources is that they are not dangerous to the environment. 2. The use of renewable energy is relevant to Canada since it is also negatively impacted by forces such as environmental degradation particularly global warming as a result of the actions of people. The government in Canada can formulate policies that are oriented towards promoting the use of renewable energy such as solar power to replace fossil fuels that are responsible for causing global warming. Such policies can also enlighten the people in Canada about the importance of protecting the environment through minimising the amount of carbon foot print emitted into the atmosphere. 3. There have been major strides taken both at regional and international level with regards to policy formulation towards the aspect of environmental protection. For instance, the European Union has taken some steps directed towards the protection of the environment. The Lisbon Treaty is a good example that shows the region’s commitment to promoting a safe environment for all. However, policy formulation with regards to environmental protection should be of international nature since geographical boundaries are of little significance in terms of addressing this global problem. There should be consensus among all the countries across the globe about the correct course of action that can be taken in order to address the environmental problems caused by the use of different forms of energy particularly fossil fuels. 4. From my own perspective, I would recommend that governments in different regions adopt policies that are oriented towards the use of renewable energy since it is friendly to the environment. Such policies should be adopted at international level. I would also recommend that the government undertake campaigns that are meant to enlighten the people about the benefits of using renewable energy. Some people lack information about the advantages of using renewable